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Whether disinfecting indoors or outdoors, Wilcox has a mobile solution to quickly and easily clean and sanitize large areas in quickly. Designed to carry up to 200 gallons, our disinfecting systems are built to perform.

Today more then ever our focus is on keeping our communities, business and the public safe from viruses and germs. We now need to think differently, and strategize to move forward and make sure our economies continue stay open and active. Wilcox has developed mobile disinfecting systems to easily and efficiently clean and disinfect large areas, both indoors and out. Our world has changed, we need to change along with it


Support Equipment


  • Outdoor System:

  • Steel skid mounted system with fork lift tubes (rear and sides)
  • Up to 200-gallon polyethylene resin, UV stabilized tank with dual straps
  • Honda Multi-purpose 2” chemical pump
  • 100’ Reelcraft spring retractable hose reel
  • Handheld spray wand
  • Two (2) Hypro Boom X Tender spray nozzles (Spray outside of vehicle, 8’ spray per side)
  • Three (3) Quick Jet Spray Nozzles (spray rear of vehicle)
  • Four stage valve
  • Pump on/off switch
  • Hoses, filter
  • *Optional wireless remote valve system available

  • Indoor/Outdoor Spray Cart:

  • 50-gallon aluminum tank
  • 50’ Reelcraft spring retractable hose reel
  • Handheld spray wand
  • Locking casters
  • Discovery Dry Cell Traction Battery
  • True Charge 2 Battery Charger
  • FloJet water pump
  • 15’ attached power cord for charging
  • Pump on/off switch
  • Hoses, filter
  • Various storage bins


Wilcox Mobile Disinfectant System is designed to sanitize large areas in a hurry.  With 5 rear spray nozzles spraying up to 20 feet wide and one hand wand on a 100 foot hose, it is easy to spray all areas quickly.


Wilcox Disinfectant System is a self-contained skid mounted system which can be easily loaded and operated on any 5×10 bag cart, short or long bod pick-up truck, flat bed or trailer.  Load up, strap down, start up and spray, it’s as easy and quick as that.


With our Mobile Disinfectant System you have full control with our 4-valve system.  Each Valve operates independently of one another, allowing the operator to spray exactly where they want and for how long they want.  With our Wireless controller, control is as easy as a push of a button.

Wilcox Mobile Disinfectant Systems are designed around our large 200 gallon tank, giving hours of potential operation at with out refilling.

The Honda Chemical Pump ensures, now mater what product you are applying, performance will never be an issue.

Two Boomless X Tender nozzles allows the operator to cover up to a 30 foot span at one time. Ideal applications include Large scale areas such as Airport Equipment, Parking Lots, Side walks, City walking paths, Children playgrounds & parks, Exterior of buildings, Equipment such as garbage trucks, landscape equipment, Public transit vehicles (busses, trains).


Wilcox Spray Carts are designed as the most ergonomic solutions for operators.  Easy to push and maneuver, light weight wand and 50-foot hose are perfect for reaching all areas.  No need for heavy back packs and small refillable guns, one tank will run all day.


Our on board 50 gallon tank and deep cell battery will keep you operating all day long.  A whopping 10 hours of continuous operation can be achieved on one charge.  Charge and fill up and you are off for a full day of sanitizing.


Wilcox has teamed up with the best products in the industry to not only provide a quality product, but one that lasts.  Deep cell battery, on board battery charger, spring retracting hose reel with 50 foot hose will keep the Wilcox Disinfectant Cart operating for many years to come

Wilcox Disinfecting Cart has unlimited indoor and outdoor applications.

Easily sanitize lounges, waiting areas, seats, restrooms, terminals, counters, railings, offices, restaurants, food courts, conveyor systems, equipment, public transit, aircraft, airline equipment, luggage, shopping areas and much more.

Iif you can think of it, you can easily and effectively disinfect it.

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