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Ground Support


Performance and Reliability are essential when it comes to Airport Ground Support Equipment. Wilcox Ground Support Vehicles are designed and manufactured with over a half century experience behind them. Since 1962, Wilcox has been building the most reliable vehicles available.

Wilcox Ground Service Support Vehicles are built to be ready when your crew needs them, each and every time.


Support Equipment


  • Main Line Maintenance Trucks
  • Stores Trucks
  • Supervisors Trucks
  • Service Body Trucks
  • Van interiors and racking
  • LED Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers & First Aid Kits
  • Compressed gas bottle storage
  • Non slip surfaces
  • Lift Gates (steel or aluminum)
  • Tool and Storage boxes
  • Over cab work platforms
  • Designed with Safety and Performance in mind


Without the proper equipment it’s hard to perform the task at hand, without reliable equipment it’s impossible. Wilcox Ground Support vehicles are designed and manufactured with this in mind. When called upon to perform, the Wilcox Ground Support vehicles will execute each and every time. Wilcox Ground Support vehicles have been designed and engineered to perform each job effectively, efficiently, and on time.



Since 1962, Wilcox had been designing and manufacturing custom vehicles to fit our costumers needs. Starting with your vision, our knowledgeable sales team, in collaboration with our expert designers and engineers, will help guide you through the process of designing the ideal Ground Service vehicle for you.

Customization is the core of Wilcox GSE. Why settle for a vehicle that doesn’t meet all of your unique requirements, when you have the ability to create a custom vehicle that will work for you and the job required.


Wilcox Ground Service vehicles are always designed and built with safety in mind. Each and every Wilcox Ground Service vehicle is engineer certified and is welded by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders. Each Wilcox Ground Service vehicle is available with LED lighting, emergency lighting, fall restraint systems, first aid and flare kits, fire extinguishers, non-slip surfaces and much more to ensure safe work performance. Providing equipment which allows you to perform your job safely is our top priority.

Wilcox Ground Support Vehicles are available multiple ways for your convenience, as fully complete installations or as ship out kits.  Send us your chassis and Wilcox will provide you a finished work ready vehicle.  Sending us your chassis is not always feasible or economical, if that is the case, we will send you a full bolt together kit.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Let us help you design your own Ground Support Vehicle Today!

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