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Wilcox Maintenance Stairs are designed to ensure you perform your job in a safe manner.
Manufactured at the highest standards, each Wilcox Maintenance Stair is engineer certified, welded and assembled by certified Welders.

Safety and reliability is the backbone of all our stair designs.

The Wilcox Ground Support Equipment products are built to last!


Support Equipment


  • Fixed or adjustable heights
  • Non-slip gripstrut walking surfaces
  • Reinforced stairs and platforms
  • Rung style safety locks
  • Displacement cylinders with safety check valve
  • Manual or electric options
  • Fixed outrigger supports
  • Tow bar with integrated wheel lock
  • 100% natural rubber solid tires
  • High capacity casters
  • Aluminum or steel construction
  • Custom colors available
  • Narrow and Wide Body Aircraft specific applications


With non-slip Gripstut walking surfaces, tubular reinforced steps and platforms, railing systems, safety locks and fall restrains, our Maintenance Stairs are engineered certified not just structurally but to make sure they will let workers always perform their jobs safely.


One Maintenance Stair can be utilized for many different aircraft in your fleet. Hydraulic driven hand or electric pumps will easily raise and lower the upper platform to meet ideal height of access doors within minutes. Set height, lock into place, it’s as simple as that.


Since 1962, Wilcox products have been known for their quality and dependability. Wilcox Maintenance Stairs are no exception. The airline industry expects dependable equipment and mechanics need to be able to depend on their equipment to perform their tasks at hand, Wilcox Stairs are dependable, safe and always reliable.

The Wilcox Maintenance Stair is a thing of beauty. With the sleek switch-back design, very little floor space is occupied with these stairs.

The steel tubular construction of the Wilcox Maintenance B2 Maintenance/Crew Stairs is designed to withstand continuous winds of 100 kph, so they are ideal for interior or exterior use.

Reinforced gripstrut steps will ensure your maintenance and crew staff have a non slip, safe climb from ground to aircraft or decent aircraft to ground.

The upper level is easily raised or lowered, with use of the manual hydraulic pump, to meet up with numerous aircraft doors, safely locking itself into place prior to use.

The base of the Maintenance Stair is equipped with 4 jacklegs, and has a full reinforced shelf, perfect for storage.

Have a large team?

Don’t worry, The Wilcox stairs have a industry leading weight carrying capacity of 2,000 lbs.

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