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When you demand quality, craftsmanship, and performance, the Wilcox Propeller Maintenance Stand will exceed your needs. We understand that time is money, and that you need the right tools for the job. By utilizing Wilcox Propeller Maintenance Stands, your Ground Support Propeller Maintenance tasks will become more efficient, accurate, and much safer.

Working closely with Aircraft Mechanics around the globe, Wilcox Propeller Maintenance Stands have been designed to address job specific challenges and frustrations.  Our Propeller Stands have been built around a plunger locking gear hub design.

Rotating blades and locking them in place is not only extremely easy but safe, and all with out the use of any tools.


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  • Fully steel or aluminum construction
  • Customizable
  • Non-slip/reinforced working surfaces
  • Solid zinc plated hub mount
  • Greaseable split bearings for smooth rotation
  • Gear style hub rotation/lock
  • Single or dual propeller mounting
  • High-capacity locking casters with polyurethane wheels
  • Sliding mechanics tool tray
  • Paint or powder coat finish (custom colours available)
  • Aircraft/Task Specific Engineer stamped and fully certified design
  • Welded and assembled by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders


Every Wilcox Propeller Maintenance stand is designed precisely to match with your aircraft specific equipment. By working together along side of the world’s largest aviation manufacturers we can guarantee that our systems will meet your needs, down to the smallest tolerance. If it needs to be precise, it needs to be Wilcox.


In any industry, safety is of upmost importance. All Wilcox Platforms meet and exceed industry safety regulations. Our redundant safety systems protect your workers and equipment from mishaps. Tie offs, equipment locking mechanisms, safety sensors, whatever it may be, it is in place for that extra peace of mind.


Each Propeller Maintenance stand comes with the peace of mind of an engineered stamped design. Whether it be a custom design, or a standard product, we treat them all the same. Each design is tried and tested, guaranteeing design, strength and rigidity.

Our Propeller Maintenance Stands are available in a variety of models, including single or dual propeller mount, with or with our stairs and working platforms. Propeller stands are functional with a variety of propellers, it is all based upon the length of the blade.

Quickly and easily switch out the machined hub mounts allowing one stand to be utilized for a variety of aircraft propeller maintenance.

The steel tubular structure, with reinforced gripstrut stairs and platforms floors maintain the highest level of user safety. Under each stair and platforms, you will find 1” reinforcement tubes, strengthening the overall structure.

Even with our certified welders, our designs do not just rely on structural welds, but also by interlocking materials, guaranteeing a strong and safe overall design. Propeller maintenance has never been so easy.  With no tool required gear rotation and locks, propellers can easily be installed or removed efficiently and safely.

Our top platform allows the mechanic to work from above, while the open front design is designed for a second mechanic on a scissor lift if needed. Our dual propeller mounts give the ability to work on 2 propellers at the same time or store one while working on another.

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